About IFE

IFE is an independent, non-governmental organization committed to promoting and protecting human rights in Eritrea.

Although it produces one of the highest number of refugees, Eritrea is one of the most under reported and under documented country in the world. IFE is devoted to break the law of silence and help you understand the fragility of the political context in Eritrea.

IFE’s goals are to:
Provide access to confirmed and verified information on Eritrea;
Help the public opinion understand the silent repression causing the current migratory crisis;
Promote respect for human rights and accountability for violations; and
Build dynamic partnership for change.

Transparency and accountability;
Dynamic partnership;
Human rights and justice; and

IFE is composed as follows:
General Assembly; and
Advisory Council.

The General Assembly is constituted by all the members of IFE who enjoy a voting power on specific aspects of the organization. The Advisory Council is composed of experts on international law, experts on Eritrea and on asylum policies in Switzerland.